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custom accent walls, wall mosaics, & custom furnishings

We offer custom accent walls, wall mosaics, built-ins, and custom furniture in North Georgia. Our creations are specifically tailored to accent a particular area in your home. We also offer custom artwork and decor to complete any area. We are proud to offer comprehensive, high-quality services to every client. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Bedroom Interior



We create stunning accent walls and built-ins that are unique and tailored to the unique look of your home.


Oftentimes, a few pictures on the wall just doesn't quite cut it.

Paint and some texture can go a long way.


Creating an accent wall can quickly transform the look and the energy of a room.  


We specialize in custom furnishings and decor.


Could your space benefit from a custom cabinet or console?

Or you may have the perfect place for a bench but cannot find the right size and style? 


Needing a place to hide the clutter; kids shoes, dog toys, and Jackets?

We can help.



The beautiful wooden wall art and wall mosaics we create will elevate any room.


They are perfect for the wall that just needs a little something to tie the room together. 

We handcraft wooden mosaics to make a statement in any room. Breath new life into your home.

custom& unique DESIGNS

From The Creator


Designs are completely tailored to the client, we can create a vision or bring yours to life whereas most “carpenters or a handyman” do not. I know how to make the most out of an area so that it is functional, serves a purpose for the whole family, or just simply changes the style, energy and outlook of a room.

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